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6 Degrees of Carly: Finding Global Friends in a Virtual World | Travels With Carly

Six Degrees of Carly: Finding Global Friends in a Virtual World

I am going to be honest here, the ONE thing about traveling solo that scares me is loneliness.  Being robbed?  Who cares.  All of my things can be replaced.  Being attacked?  Well, after six months of Krav Maga, I actually feel bad for anyone who dares to try.  Losing my passport?  That would be a pain, but a fixable pain.   Getting lost, going hungry, giving up the creature comforts – none of that scares me.  But loneliness?  I fear going for days without speaking to another human being and what that would do to my soul.

So, ever the Girl Scout, I have come up with a plan.  I call it Six Degrees of Carly.  For every country I visit, I’ll be reaching out to my Facebook friends, Tweeps and all the people I’m connected to in the virtual world.  My theory is that all of you either directly know someone in the countries I visit, or your friends and friends-of-friends know someone there.   And since I like you, chances are I’ll like your friends.

All of my destinations are listed below.  Take a look and then send me an email if you have a friend in one of those countries.  I would like to take them out for a beer (or the culturally-appropriate beverage of their choice)!


French Polynesia – Marquesas
Easter Island, Chile
French Polynesia – Bora Bora,Raiatea and Tahaa
Cook Islands
American Samoa
New Zealand


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