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What Is It Like To Be Over 30 and Single Around the World? | Travels With Carly

All the Single Ladies: What Is It Like To Be Over 30 and Single Around the World?

I am a single woman in my 30s, looking for love in the urban jungle of Chicago – and to be honest – it isn’t going well.  I’ve tried all the usual suspects:  online dating, speed dating, friend set-ups and the random flirtation at the gym and motorcycle class.  NONE of it has worked, although ALL of it has provided my friends and family with hours of hilarious, self-deprecating stories.  You know, the kind of stories where your friends say, “Oh bless your heart” when what they really mean is “Thank God that isn’t me.”   Have you ever noticed that people only enjoy living vicariously through you when your dating life is a constant train wreck?

All of this epic failure got me to thinking, is it this hard in other countries, or is this just a problem in the USA?  Well, I am going to find out.  As I travel through the South Pacific, I’ll be looking for single women over 30 who want to share their dating stories – what works, what doesn’t and what is the key to finding love.  Who knows, a flirtation tip from Tonga may actually work in the USA.

All of my destinations are listed below.  Take a look and then send me an email if you have a single friend over 30 in one of those countries who wants to share her stories.  If one thing – and one thing only –  transcends cultural boundaries, it is women getting together to talk about men.  ;-)

French Polynesia – Marquesas
Easter Island, Chile
French Polynesia – Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea and Tahaa
Cook Islands
American Samoa
New Zealand

P.S.  On the flip side, if you happen to know any cute, single guys over 30 in the South Pacific, I would not say no to a date.  Help a sister out!  ;-)

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