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Travel With Intention: Fair Trade Crafts That Improve The Lives of Women Around The World | Travels With Carly

Travel With Intention: Fair Trade Crafts That Improve The Lives of Women Around The World

Ironically, I am worried I might get a little bored on my South Pacific Sojourn.  It feels terribly decadent and self-indulgent to spend six months focusing only on myself.  And I am from Ohio.  We don’t DO decadent and self-indulgent.  I want my trip to change more lives than just my own.  I want my trip to have a greater purpose.  I want to travel with intention.

When I was in grad school at Ohio University, my focus was on using the internet to create economic development in the third world.  Lofty, I know.  And it was way back in 1996 when most people hadn’t heard of the internet.  But even then I could see the power of e-commerce to create a global marketplace for hand-crafted products, and how that would transform the lives of women around the world.  I was a 22-year-old idealist with no skills, no experience – and let’s be real – no money.  But I had a vision.

Well now I am a 37-year-old idealist with 15 years of internet experience under my belt.  I have the skills.  I have the experience.  And most importantly, I have the capital.

I am looking for NGOs and co-ops that focus on improving the lives of women and girls in the developing world.  I want to buy their  products and sell them from this website when I return to the States.   Micro-finance and sustainable economic development are powerful, but they are even more transformative when there is an ongoing global marketplace to create and sustain demand.

So if you know of a few good women in the countries below who are producing amazing hand-crafted goods, let me know.  I’ll check them out, and even if I don’t buy their products, I’ll still write a blog post about their story.  Free blogger outreach!


French Polynesia – Marquesas
Easter Island, Chile
French Polynesia – Bora Bora, Raiatea and Tahaa
Cook Islands
American Samoa
New Zealand

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