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My South Pacific Sojourn: Water Water Everywhere - There Better Be Beer To Drink! | Travels With Carly

My South Pacific Sojourn: Water Water Everywhere – There Better Be Beer To Drink!

I’ve had a dream since I was 17 years old: to travel around the world. It is fairly common, as far as dreams go. I know quite a few people who share my love of the open road. Like me, they feel the pull of the unknown, drawn to the possibility of the adventures that await outside our normal lives. But for so many, myself included, the dream always feels just out of reach.

I am a chronic daydreamer. In high school, college and now the corporate world, the pattern is always the same. I’ll be sitting in a meeting or working on a spreadsheet, when all of a sudden my mind drifts away to somewhere exotic: standing atop a mountain in Peru, or hiking through the jungle in Borneo, or wading into the surf on the edge of the Pacific ocean. The sun warms my face and the wind streams through my hair. My soul overflows with freedom. But then WHAM, I am back in the same old office doing the same old thing I do every day.

This year that changes. This year I turn my office daydreams into reality.

Thanks to my parents I’ve always been a traveler. Mom and Dad lived in Rome, Italy, for five years, and I was born in the Eternal City. We moved back to Ohio when I was three, but I’ve been infected with the travel bug ever since. After grad school I took three months and backpacked through Europe. That trip whetted my appetite for more. And now, at the ripe old age of 37, I am chucking the corporate life for the road less traveled, starting with the South Pacific.

I am frequently asked why the South Pacific. Of all the possible locations in the world, most people find the South Pacific an odd choice. I find it impossibly romantic. I went through a big James Michener kick in high school. Michener was stationed in Bora Bora during World War 2 and christened Bora Bora’s lagoon “the most beautiful in the world.” That really stuck with me and I’ve always said that when I had the chance, that’s where I’d go first. Well, fate stepped in and decreed that I lose my job on June 1, 2011. Instead of dwelling in depression and panic, I think this is the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m not married. I have no children. I have nothing to tie me down. If ever there was a time to leave it all behind and make my dream come true, it is now.

To prepare for my trip I spent a lot of time thinking about what skills and training would be useful. I am one of those goal-oriented types who like get certified in random things, for no other purpose than to learn something new. Once a geek, always a geek. Slowly but surely, I am checking off the items on the list. There are times when I feel like I am turning into a female MacGyver. If you have any additional skills you think would be helpful, drop me a line on the contacts page.

Skill Status
PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Certification Completed August, 2010
Motorcycle License Completed July, 2010
Run a 5K Completed October, 2010
Krav Maga Self-Defense Training Completed June, 2011
Refresher Photography Course Completed February 5, 2011
Wilderness First Aid Course Completed June 4, 2011
French Classes Ran out of time, so I bought a CD
Learn to shoot a gun Completed March 12, 2011, thanks to my brother-in-law Andy


To help my family and friends who may join me for parts of the journey, I pulled together a Tripline map with tropical locations and tentative dates. While I understand that not everyone wants to sail with me on cargo vessels and freighters, I am SURE I can talk you into drinking Mai Tais by the beach while hanging out in a tropical paradise.



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